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Matteo Migliorini | FX TD Artist


Last Update:11th August 2023


Private Reel Live Action short (left - 1:30) and extended (right - 2:50) Version


Private Reel Animation FX


Public and Tools Reel

If you have any question you can contact me - here info (at) mmigliorini (dot) com.


"Who Am I ?"

I’m Matteo Migliorini FX Artist (with the huge background as 3D Generalist) I'm based in Italy, but used to travel or worked from remote office (in this time of Pandemic only from remote). I could cover some roles like supervisor or a producer also. In my recent experience I worked on more different kind of projects (commercials/ADV, TV-Show, Feature Films and video corporate). In my spare time I study new workflow (or improve my skills) or create educational material for share my knowledge (see my educational brand VFX'n'GO and the my tools section).

I can work from remote or relocated. (in this time of Pandemic only from remote)

I have over 10 years (since 2004) of experience in various 3D related fields, including arch-viz, advanced technologies, media and entertainment, video corporate. I have collaborated with many companies in some cases I worked like FX Artist, in others like 3D Supervisor and producer, but I love work like FX Artist also for help my teammates.

In this years (with a experiences from that different fields and with a personal background) I can understand and improve some of my personal skills like:

(*) the sense of aesthetic
(*) “how to fix” some problem I can find inside the process
(*) “how to management me and the time”
(*) communication with a different person of team and understand more aspect of process (not only FX, but for e.g., render or compositing)
(*) team work is more important than individual work. A good team helps to grow.


"What can I do?"

(*) simulation of Particles, Flip-Fluid (water/liquid, etc...), RBD (rigid/soft body sim), Vellum, Pyro/Volume(fog, fire, smoke, clouds, etc...), grains
(*) create setup and digital asset inside Houdini also with PDG System
(*) create procedural systems
(*) a few scripting in VEX and Phyton(Basic)
(*) training material and documentation


My favorite pipeline is:

Houdini and Nuke, but I love learning new plug-in or tools or tasks/workflow.

I'm very confident with following software: Houdini, Fusion/Nuke, Shotgrid, Deadline. And confident with: Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Chaos Group V-Ray, Blackmagic Design Fusion, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Nvidia Mental Ray, Next Limit RealFlow, Sinti Sati AfterBurn, Sinti Sati Fume FX, Krakatoa, PTC Creo Illustrate, Thinkbox Frost, FTrack, Wrike, Projectlibre..

More information about me:


My tools and scripts

I produce also tools and scripts based on my workflow or on my experince in production. My first public Script was a MaxScripts tools (still available, but not still develope) and then I continued with some Digital Asset (HDA) or Python Scripts for SideFX Houdini. You can find more information here or click on the image. (check also the video reel)



RnD, Making, Video (more videos Vimeo or YouTube):


old works:

...here "two video" (2009-2015) where I collaborate like 3D Artist, Animator, Compositor and FX Artist for Altab srl...

...and here some older showreel...


Computer Graphics and Services made in Italy

P.IVA IT 07114870483